The program of activities designed and implemented at PRIVILEGE Kindergarten aims to help the smooth, balanced and multifaceted development of children and their socialisation. We offer our pupils a rich range of experiences in a positive, safe environment.


Tennis, swimming, dance, gymnastics…

“A healthy mind in a healthy body”

We give children the opportunity to learn their body, to love, to exercise, to protect it. Trying to learn, to struggle, to win and to lose, to participate in group efforts, to put goals in life. For this purpose the PRIVILEGE Kindergarten, in cooperation with it’s specialised trainers has organised and implemented programs tailored to the needs and abilities of young children. The swimming program, mini tennis, football, basketball, Olympic sports are all offered to children at our school.

The sports equipment used are certified. The methodology is based on children’s involvement in exercising in the form of enjoyable plays and games.

Children’s safety is ensured at all times.


Our school pays special attention to English teaching so that our children acquire good oral command of English in a natural way.

Nowadays knowledge of the English language is essential so children are provided with the English language lesson on daily basis which ensures that they develop skills by being actively involved in different classroom activities. To enhance the educational process the interactive board is used, making learning fun.

National & religious celebrations

The school program may be adjusted according to National and religious celebrations providing children with classroom activities, theatrical events, parades etc.

Arts & charity events

The school organises cultural events such as theatrical performances, demonstrations, introductory evenings and charity funfairs.

School trips

During the year and depending on the theme being discussed during the week we organize educational trips to museums, factories, cultural sites, parks, theaters etc. The trips are usually organized within the city limits.

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